Beef Carrion Soup


Abstract: This is not a recipe for cooking road kill. Carrion is a comingling of carrots and onions. This quick, simple, hearty soup is sure to be a hit with all your friends and dogs – except those weirdoes that don’t eat onions.


Serves: Three regular humans and one small dog


Lead time: Ten minutes prep and 4 to 12 hours cooking in slow cooker.


Tools: Small slow cooker (3.5 qt), crinkle cutter, whisk


Bill of Materials:

            Lean beef                                            ½ pound in bite size chunks

            Fresh carrots                                        2- medium sized diagonally crinkle cut thin

            Onion (white or yellow)                      2- medium sized cut in eights and separated

            Beef consommé (concentrated)          1- can (10.75 oz)

            Japanese beef paste                             1 tsp               

            Red wine vinegar                                ¼ cup

            Herb de Province                                1 tsp

            Sweet basil (ground fine)                    ½ tsp


Assembly Instructions:

            Prepare the beef, carrots and onions.  Place in crock pot and toss to blend. You may add salt and pepper if you want but I prefer it without. Pour in the beef consommé and add a can of water. Whisk in the beef paste until it is completely dissolved. Add the red wine vinegar and spices. Cover and cook on high setting for at least 4 hours or on low setting for up to 12 hours.

            If you don’t have a crinkle cutter, you can buy crinkle cut carrots at the supermarket. You can buy them even if you do have a crinkle cutter. I leave my crinkle cutter on the counter so my guests will think I used it and get the carrots crinkle cut from Krogers.